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New MAC Knife Inventory

17 November, 2013

The Ronin Edge just added a bunch of new MAC knives to our inventory. Check them out and remember we will always match any price that can be verified.

Best Prices

18 July, 2013

Remember that The Ronin Edge will match any price you find on the internet. Just send us a link to verify what price you found and we will match it! We look forward to working with you.




The Ronin Edge

New Cutlery

29 April, 2013

Hi everyone! If there is anything not on the site that you are looking for please let us know. We will make every attempt to get it in stock for you. Also know that we will beat or meet and prices you find. We are working hard to bring in other items and look forward to working with you. 

New MAC Knives are being added today!!

04 April, 2013

Today I will be adding some new sushi knives from MAC. Please check them out. I will also be adding new Tamahagane and Global Knives in the next couple of days.

Now open for business!!!

01 April, 2013

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by to check out The Ronin Edge. In the next couple of weeks we will be adding Mac Knives, Shun Knives, and Porsche knives to the site.

First Post

18 February, 2013

Welcome!!!! I just launched this new site to better serve my existing customers and to serve a new customer base. The Ronin's Edge is dedicated to providing the best Japanese Convex Shears and Japanese Edged Knives at the best possible price. Currently we stock Kenchii Shears, Sensei Shears, and Washi Shears and consider these to be the best in the industry for quality and value. For our chefs out there we carry the Chroma "Type 301" line as well as Haiku and the Mcusta "Zanmai" line of cutlery.