Shun Classic Produce Knife 10"

$213.00 $169.95

The Shun Classic Produce Knife is designed for preparing larger fruits and vegetables, especially those with thicker, tougher skins or rinds, such as melons, squash, or pineapple. This beautiful, mirror-polished knife offers a large 12-in. blade that can cut handle just about any large fruits, vegetables, and even proteins, with ease. The long blade enables you to cut all the way across even the largest produce, while the straight edge makes up-and-down chopping easy. To provide the additional strength and durability to cut through these larger, tougher foods, the full-tang blade is made with a heavier blade stock of AUS8A stainless steel. For beauty and enhanced stain resistance, the blade is mirror polished rather than clad and it shares the same razor-sharp edge as the rest of the Shun Classic line.